Tuesday, February 5, 2008

cheap alternatives

So, im sick of my life and ignoring the fact its horrible and i hate cheerleading and I'm going back to blogging about what you all really need to hear about and help you all with my expertise on makeup and fashion!!

So i'v spent my years in the drug store makeup alleys of hell but with my knowledge of "both worlds" I would like to offer you my guide to make-up equivlients that im not bullshitting.

Okay so for 55 us, you can get the amazing armani luminous silk foundation and im all for it, but like i feel really bad using it becuase it goes so fast. So i found my cheap alternative to it! Wet and wilds ultimate sheer tinted moisteriouser. Yeah i know, wtf. I discovered this little gem by accident while giving my friend a makeover from her random makeup collection.
Both make your skin look totally radient and glowing. I'm huge on coverage but i just settle with concerelaer now.

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