Saturday, January 5, 2008

bring me to guelphhhhhh

I'm overwhelmed. seriously overwhelmed to a point where i want to blog about EVERYTHING but am to exastued to do so, so this is going to suck..

New years, i went downtown with my best friends Josh and c and c older sister K who.. stoped talking to me for awhile. We tried to go to do karaoke in china town but it was booked and ended up at a restraunt downtown and then nathan phillps square to catch the plain white t's and ring in the new year. I ran into my darling best friend and one time ex boyfriend (the gay one and my first bf). I got so sad, i wanted to spend the night with him so bad but josh and him DO NOT get along anymore. Urgh, gay tension in the air much. He kissed me on the cheek and promised to see me later but the cell phone lines were SOO filled up that we couldnt even get through to each other until i was back on the go train. Urrgh, On top of that my entourage was wet and tired and wanted to go home instead of scope out the club scene. This is why having friends who are not into sneaking into torontos party scene can suck. Oh well j and c are to of my closest friends. K on the other time, urgh. That woman knows how to make anyone feel like shit and she does it! I mean sure, shes got some great qualites but everyone can agree shes got shit to work out espically on the rudeness keep it to yourself factor. On the way home on the train c went NUTSSSS and started screaming things on the crouded train like
and got responses from the drunks in the cart above us
We then got into singing pettit project songs and random stuff and j almost died.
It was so funny but so emberssing at the same time. I was just glad to let go and have fun though. The whole new years kiss thing was hard but having your best friends there always helps.
Needless to say we got NO SLEEP that night c and j just kept saying MY TURBAN IS POPPING to a point where my ears literly died and it didnt help k kept moaning and snoring.
The next day we went to swiss challet to celebrate our lack of sleep and c and k left. J stayed over for the next few days, we ended up at pmall where i got a lolita outfit, a jacket and some crazy japanese boots. after 3 days i had to go to see my old friend in guelph leaving J to hasng out with my parents for three hours until he got picked up. MY PARENTS LITERLY TALKED TO HIM THEN MORE THEN THEY TALKED TO ME IN A YEAR

In Guelph i was SOO glad to see my friend T, i missed her like SHIT. It was uber painful though, from thinking about a certain "guy" constantly, to what last year this time was like there to even thinking back to my childhood and the friends id still have if i was there. I just wanted to live there SO SOOO bad. I still really want to and i'v honestly started trying to find a way to move there. It was bad though, between my HORRIBLE stomahce problems that have been coming back badly and the lack of not eating and then mix that with emotions that led to me passing out in the changeroom at la senza in stoneroad mall. I didnt tell my friend becuase she would be convinced i was annorexic, plus shes not used to me passing out EVERYWHERE and she'd probly have a child from panic. I cant wait until i get a car, ill be there all the time. I was watching gossip girl today though and it hit me, I couldnt just leave me toronto life up for all that could i.. I'm so set on being this soicalite but then so much of me wants to be there in guelph being a pathetic loser.
Can someone say teenage identiy crisis?

Oh well.. kyles back.. mabey ill stop feeling like im going to literly die becuase of you know who soon...
yeah.,.. well i can pretend cant i?
i thought having hope was my thing........

crazy keely note: This kid from my elementary and last year school just told me he likes me. Hes a werid kid no one ever talked to that i always had to stick up for becuase EVERYONE made fun of him. Great so i probly broke his heart
urgh he reminds me of like me in grade 5.
poor boy.

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