Friday, January 11, 2008

Okay, i just got back from like an amazing night. A totally amazing night.

I went to the movies with my best friend from my old school kelsey. She brough along emily a quite girl in my english class last year i never actsually had talked to. Emily was alot nicer then i though she'd be just i wonder if shes someone that could ever erally open up to me. We met miguel a friend who i had made literly the last day of school. It was really fun we were like amazing old best friends. Kevin was also there, another person i figured would hate me but by the end of the night he was really really nice and like my friend! There was also wesley a guy from pineland that i hadnt talked to before but he knoew mew and was well raised to hate me and now hes a awsome friend too. Kevin is dating a girl from waterloo who was really nice! She had all these friends there and they were all really cool and friendly and funny. I sat beside her like, seemingly best friend and me and her were literly LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF at my screaming throughout the whole movie. Speaking of the movie, we saw Juno. It was really really funny but then again with me screaming DONT TOUCH HER OMG DONT TOUCH HER STOP and RANDOM ass things during the whole movie. (Tons of miguels a mexican jokes) it was amazing. Not to mention one of the guys had a fart machine he kept putting off during random parts and we literly were dying laughing. As for our seating arrangements, we were seated THE FIRST FREAKING ISLE because we got there late and it was PACKED. So we clearly couldnt see anything. Being the creative little shit distrubers we are we decided to sit on the ground resting our heads on the seats but after it kept hiting me in the head we finally decided to all day down on the dirty movie theater floor. It was insane though, there were like 15 of us screaming through the whoile movie and surpisingly not even one person told us to shut up! I would have been PISSED if i was them but hell IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We then wandered to indigo, casued shit trying on stuff then were in sobeys and then like outside of sobeys in a alley and then williams and then outside of williams climbing walls and shit. It was amazing. I was running and screaming and being the INSANE person i need e to be all year and couldnt and they loved me for it! Im so torn now, i feel like i could go back to batemen and have these friends but my last new beggining was a horrible experience and id also have to put up with the stupid haters which drains ALOT out of me. I mean ALOT. fuck. I mean at eridnale i can do whatever the fk i want and people wouldnt like say shit to my face but there when im plooting shit they know. Urgh, was leaving bateman just so i could see how i need to be there? But with all the huge assholes how am i going to get by?

Oh god, im dying in confusion. What ever shall i do? Once again i have no time left and this is A HELL of alot worse then decideing to go to erindale in the first place
but then again.. i nbever thought id stay. I wish the evil forces didnt get worse and increase in there army while i was gone *sigh*

I guess without someone to envy everyone went uber balistic. Sadly internet harrasing me couldnt even stop them. Fk i really wish i never went nuts back on there ass tho

I did my history exam today the writing paragraphs thing worth liek 10% and i studied so much. My amazingly nice math teacher mrs telford let me out of class to go study (when i haven tdone math in weeks) i love her shes so nice hse literly like makes life at erindale alot better. Same with mr montgomery hes really funny but urgh PEOPLE IN MISSIAUGA ARE LIKE STUPID ROBOTS THAT WILL DIE.
but shit
i gotta figure this crap out!!


Anonymous said...

GAG me with a spoon.....

Robert Campbell said...

you have a lot to say because a lot happens to you in one day

Sam Tyrrell said...

haha wow, i was that girl laying down beside you in the movie theatre.....laughing my ass off at your yelling

its actually weird that I found this blog

wow :P

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