Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Janets new retarded video

Okay, so I like Janet Jackson. I'm not a huge fan but I'll admit I listen to one of the cd's i got for free from my best friends dad who like managed her or some shit.

But there is SOOO soo SOO many things that are just COMPLETLY WRONG with the video for her new single "Feedback"

1. Attire. The headpeice, nu uh. The ponytail, Stick to the 90's and the fact this whole video is spandex hell would put even the most decidated cosplayers to shame.

2. It looks 20 thousand x ghettoer then a TLC spaced theme video from the 90's. The backdrop deffinatly isnt cutting it and then when the video switches to dancing on like, milk. It's just not cutting it.

3. The lyrics, one part of the song janet actusally says something like " You'v got me heavy like a first day period"
I dunno about you but for me that is a TOTAL turn off and it WON'T be a song I'll be singing along to.

4. The song isnt even THAT catchy.

I love you janet but this video is hell.

Click here to watch!

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