Monday, January 7, 2008

From school darlings!

So I'm typing from civics class and i must say,
School is SOO BORING and itso nly stressful in a URGH EXAMS WAY
not even in a social way! like hell!! Urgh, these two girls in one of my classes are driving me Insane though.
Honeslty, they dont stfu and they just try to piss me off about the things they say to hurt me forever. (Idiots, i clearly dont care about your 2nd rate social lifes and how you think you can "emoitonally" hurt me becuase i went out with a guy you like. If your reading this though, you cant blame me pathetic for blogging about you becuase clearly you'v got nothing better to do then surf my life, thanks)
Beyond that, I'm just bored! I dont know how I'm going to manage to pull all the time out of my ass im going to need to get everything done in the next couple of weeks. Freaking recording is going to be a bitch too. I dont even want to think of writing.

I couldn't sleep at all last night, I thought about someone for awhile and got pissed off and realised the reason my love life sucks and i cant just be happy with a realtionship unless its something right off of Sailor moon my chilhood obession. (see what t.v does to your children?) And cleary i am obessed with asshole as he's the closest thing to match that descrition!! So i ended up watching sailor moon at 4 in the morning for some reason..

My friend R got me and AMAZING coach clutch today for xmas and im in LOVEEEE with it!!
And her but like, i always loved her. So like I hate to admit this but i totally dont know wtf to get her for xmas. I told her i got her gift and its so late to like buy something but WTF AM I GOING TO GET HER SHES IMPOSABLE TO SHOP FOR AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH I CANT GET HER SOMETHING BAD

Anyways, one of my amazing quotes of the day would be...

"I swiched to this school to see how the other hafe lives!! I couldn't just know what life was like at Bateman. I wanted to know what everyone else has to go through"

And my friends reply being
"Wow... i feel so....poor now!"

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