Monday, December 10, 2007

Yes, i went with the heels. I still managed to look not so fab today though, urgh.

ANYWAYS. I spent lunch time telling my awsome friend Romisa about my tragic life with asshole. Later in careers i got like 3 calls and finally got a text that made me answer them. Apperently a label company in japan wants to release my album and now they want my album done for valentines day. May I just say my album isnt even started?

This came literly two seckonds after I thought to myself
"if asshole stays with his girlfriend forever.. then i just can focus on music" and with like a sign i get that call.
Sad thing is, i'd rather be getting a call from asshole.
Oh hell.
Now excuse me while i keep the convo of his little blocked ass open and dream of talking to him.


Emma said...

in reply to your comment, yep read them all! Lol thought that we have similar tastes and all. Thankyou for reading mine. Glad you like it, xxx

Emma said...
I'm not on atm as im trying to get on with a freaking english literature essay but chat soon sweety. And stalker?! Corrr, I have plenty already... Ooooh, blog material me thinks...! And, wow, now have a Canadian pal to swap fashion tips and so with... xxx

Emma said...

Fashion tips, god I sound pathetic. You know what I mean by fashion tips... xxx