Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Day

What the hell? The amount of views i'm getting on this blog is insane!!
So I'v been taking steps to not die of overwhelming-ness and let me tell you I may die. I decided one of the songs im going to put on my song is called
"Dear Asshole" And iv spent the day arguing with my producer over weather it should be slow or fast. SLOW SLOW SLOW DAMNIT.
Me and him are fighting like children i swear.
I'm also doing a song i wrote ALONG time ago about japanese fashion called gothic lolita tragedy becuase they want me to get endorsement deals. Hello? Free baby the stars shine bright, yeah i could seriously be happy about that!
Vivenne westwood would make me happy though :)

So today i got bored in drama and me and my friends were commenting on\
a. how loose my pants are
and b. how boney i am
So we decided to start drawing on my stomache. I wrote things like, i love asshole. I'm boney and i got it from my mama and a friend wrote "my exboyfriend has a with a arrow pointing down LOL" So im showing my friend after school in a akward position who starts yelling out my exboyfriends name going "I DONT GET IT HE HAS A WHAT?"
The girl beside us, clearly listening in then leaves and goes over to him to TELL him. I laughed so hard at the fact I'm totally screwing my "amazing old fake life over" But who the hell cares.
Ill probly be in Japan soon anyways!
AND on top of that my speed dial text is SERIOUSLY messed up, i tried going under m to find and mom and text my dad (yeah dont ask) and it ended up texting my ex asking my dad for money LOL.
Oh, what a day. I freak out everyime i answer my phone.

One thing i'v totally noticed though is that whenever i see assholes msn name sign online now, I like instantly feel better. I cant try and talk to him or anything but for some reason i think the fact hes online gives me hope that, I dunno he'd message me? My doctor was asking me today about boys and i told him about asshole and he said if were really meant to be together it wont be until he matures anyways. Urgh, Since when have i been someone to listen to my doctor though?


Love, Kisses and Chanel.
Miss Valentine xox

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