Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh my god,
what the hell is going on tonight honeslty.
my friend went all bitchy hypocritical saying she doesnt want to hear about anything i have to say yet she reads my blog.
My ex boyfriend whom im friends with friend is like, totally hitting on me and its extremly akward.
My first crush is drunk and talking to me on msn.
Lagos texting me from a party hes taking a limo home in? Yeah.. okay...
Liz really is going to try to get me my own reality show
and thank god
i cant wait to show everyone my insane life and the bitches in it!

Now excuse me while i drench myself in Chanel no.5
it smells so good.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

keely, please.
chanel n.5 is not expensive, so quit bragging. i've got chanel n.5 eau de parfum, and the actual perfume of n.19 and chance.

if you actually think you're rich, just shut up.

and btw, if you're looking for a designer wearing semi rich guy, i'd look kevin jonas up.