Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kay, so I'm totally one to brush off stupid girly bitchiness but honestly, this one chick has literly caught my attension. So this crazy bitch dated one of my good friends who happens to be my ex boyfriend. A couple of months ago, we went downtown together and phyco bitch FLIPPED. I'v been getting death threats ever since and espically sicne when he broke up with her. Anyways, I'm not intriged by her annoyingness but instead the fact this bitch has completly lost her mind.

First of all, she started telling everyone at my old school i was going to fight her. Everyone knows I wouldn't get into a fight espescally with that tall skinny bitch! So of course the whole world is shocked over the drama this bitch is trying to start with me. Again though, not why I find her so entertaining. What i do find entertaining about her is the fact all i keep hearing is how she loves um.. taking it up the ass and how she attempts to control boys.

As for the point of this post,
What the hell is going on with our generation. I knew were screwed up but suddenly anel is a cool thing? I dont think so. Thats just gross! Considering the fact teenagers shouldn't even be doing what everyone thought they were doing before. Honestly, I thought i had atleast 10 more years until i had to worry about dating guys that were freaks but i guess not. Seriously, mabey everyones just to damn gay now.

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