Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hello Holiday Gift card hell.

I just got back from some xmas shopping and seriously, what store isnt giving out giftcards?

I god a 75$ giftcard from guess for spending 300
25$ for spending over 125$ at marciano
20$ for spending 70 at urban behavior
and i noticed nine west and costa blanca were doing the same thing too.

(fking jabob had to be gay and not give one out fktards.)
When you add my holt renfrew giftcard in there i'v totally run out of room in my wallet. Too bad i dont have any cash to use them now.

and i would just like to say screw your sephora, your gay give us free things and perfume samples dont count.

Now excuse me while i lurk the internet and then return to rant about the day i had at the mall thinking about the boy i love THANKS!

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