Saturday, December 8, 2007


Tis the season to walk around heartbroken remebering last year.

Okay, so after spending the entier day at the mall just walking around thinking of how much i miss asshole and need him and cant have him.
Iv come to the conclusion im fked
but i fking went through HELL and beyond to try and see this guy this summer
i did EVERYTHING in my power to!
he knows id fking to ANYTHING for him and would always be there for him and if he wont ever feel the same then why am i bothering!
why? becuase i sitll think he would and i cant tell him this becuase he has a gf and if hes realy the same as me hes going to think shes amazing until they break up

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Emma said...

So is the season to wonder around heartbroken... Sighhhs...
Love the blog by the way.