Sunday, December 16, 2007

God, im so exuasted.
I was persuwaded by a certain guy to stay up on the phone till 4 last night.
I was literly like halusinating i was so tired it was really funny.
I woke up at one today and watched all my tivod greys anatomy where i totally lost hope for living, and took a 4 hour bath i kept falling asleep in.
and i do not, and i seriously mean do not. intend on going to school tomorrow!

(I'm at my parents house for some odd reason too)

I'm curious about what I'm doing this weekend though, I'm either going to the town where i grew up in to see my friend Bobby and some of my other friends there (like Konrad, Jenny, T, a bunch of other chikas i grew up with and love) Or mabey ill hang out with blair and kyle if kyle can get down from acton.

This is so werid though, all my old friendships that have fallen apart, we're like all starting to be friends again. It's really werid but good at the same time. I feel so like, spread out all over Ontario now. I still don't know where I'm going to school next semeter either. Well whatever, life seems kinda interesting... It's nice to finally have some positive people around that i actusally like.

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