Saturday, December 15, 2007

Futeristic repeats

Okay, so as promised I'll attempt to remeber what the fourtune teller told you. Note: the only reason im actusally writing this is becuase
a. I'm in my condo
b. I'm writing on my lapton
and c. the combanation makes me all kerry from sex and the city-esq
Im still in my cheer makeup and hair which i need to wash but am to lazy to and a really comfy robe.

Okay now let me remeber. So me and K got our fourtnes told at the clothing show. K was told her boyfriend is around alot of other girls and might cheat on her which freaked her out. She also told the poor darling her mother wasn't supportive of what she does which really got to her. I love the girl to death! I refuse to let this stop her at all. I'll drag this woman to do her shit if she has to becuase she's an amazingly talented artist.

Next was moi, Oh dear lord was this crazy. First thing she told me was that I was extremly determined and I go after what i want. Then she stopped and went,
"Oh god, you are so, so heartbroken"
So im like, okay... mabey this chick knows what shes talking about.
She then went on to desribe a certain boy that has been in my life that has been very controling, jelous and well ruining me. She told me how sad it is that hes broken my heart so bad and that we might get back together and if we do he will cheat on me. Lovely future isnt it? She also went on to say If I continue putting up with his crap i wont reach my dreams and he'll control me for the rest of my life because he wont learn to be happy. This broke my heart even more. She also said I beleive in him way to much, In the way that he'll be there for me and she said i beleive in his dreams to much when with his jelousy wont happen. She stressed so much how brokenhearted and screwed up i am over this guy and that i need to get away, somehow. God i wish foutune tellers could tell you how to MAKE IT BETTER.

She did also tell me im going to make alot of money, that sounds good!
But yeah,
great isn't it?

I'v decided I'm going to try and preoccupy my time by dating rich boys with cars and go into the whole gossip girl world and drown my sorrors out at expensive restaunts drinking wine in outfits I hopelessly cannot afford.
You know, so, so sooo many people envy me because I know how to play that world and they think it's amazing. It's just so hard to get back into it and welll out of it.
Guess I just have to put the past behind?

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