Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Todays an important day. I made a 400$ bet on 50 cent or Kanye West's album doing better.
(I bet Kanye, you better win you mtv hating nut.yes. i watched the youtube video of him spazing at the mvas)
So yeah Wish me luck on that, if i win i could possiably have hafe a dress for my big sweet 16 this year!!

Kay so today with my white collared preppy holister shirt on, i realised " wow this might actusally work this year?". My werido schools starting to open up more which is good so social domination is mabey..hum.. a month away? I think i might throw a halloween party in my "other, old town" At my weekend house just so thoes bitches know i may be out of that school but that towns never going to see the end of me baby! I'm still going to be the girl the boys want but cant have and im still going to be known for my partys. Sorry, im just rather angere. I like JUST realised exacly HOW BAD it was at my old school so I'm so thankful i switched! Seriously mabey its the awsome boy but everyday seems to be getting better (except for the fact everyday i fall extremly more behind in math) I must note my killer new boys friends seem to have started to open up.
As for the insaness i ever so socially amusingly bestow wherever i go i was sitting today with three new friend who ever so nicly saved me from social exile at a assembly and then one girl who i havent talked to before goes " WAIT ARE YOU THE FAMOUS SINGER FROM BURLINGTON?! EVERYONE IN MY CLASS WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU!!". This made me severly relaived as up until yesterday the only impact i heard i was making was a head prep saying "She's hot but she doesnt talk much" Are you insane? i dont shut up. Urgh, I'm giving him a ew look just thinking about him!! (hes a o.c reject i swear.)
So yeah i seem to be doing good i the friends part but i really have to admit this whole leaving my old school thing sucks major ass. I havent been thinking about it THAT much latley but i just find it so weird that it went back to normal there without me. Iroincally all these people who know me that i do not remeber at all from it are adding me to facebook going WHERE ARE YOU? um dude, iv never talked to you. Its good to know im loved and missed though!! I think that was a big fear of moi. I miss k though, she was my parner in crime, my best friend, the girl who i would confide in every horrible boy mistake i made last year. I know i'm so much happier here but the old days with her aren't there and i loved them so so much. I just wish she could be here more then like.. anything really. It's not fun running away from ex boyfriends without her to yell at them.
As for my last depressing post, Jackass (formally known as asshole) has internet again and surpisngly hasnt deleted me off facebook yet!! (i don't think hes seen the picture then.) I was okay until and like done with him until i came up with this theory we were tragic lovers in a past life and are going to live until we can finally be together. I just feel bad it wont be this life. Stupid jackass. It stills burns to see his stupid little blocked name on msn (with his nasty personal message clearly about me) but whatever. I have a new life i wont let myself ruin the perfect realtionship i have right now over someone whos going to make me try and kill myself! I'm and addict for dramatics i confuse the two for love (yes I'm quoting taking back sunday). I think he has a new girl hes after to try and claim (and destory). My guesses on who is it? My friend A's ex best friend H. (I'm really not jelous in any way, nor was i ever of his girls it just shows i REALLY dont like him i just like being abused or something)
This is getting juicy!!

Anyways i'm off to cheerleading tryouts tonight (i better make co-ed becuase the all girl jackasses practise on weekends INDULING LIKE 5-30 - 7 ON SATURDAYS WTF BIATCH)
Wish me luck loves.
This year I'm going to take a stand for everything i never did.

Btw are thoes naked pics of vannesa hudgens really real? DISNEY SLUTS!!!


katey said...

mwahha i found you,
and yeah they're real.. she's definately not "endowed" if you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

Uhm.. okay. When you were talking about that girl at the assembly who was all like "OMG ARE YOU THAT SINGER FROM BURLINGTON?!?".. or whatever, well.. I know that girl.. and trust me, sheeeee wasn't being serious, so don't let it gas you up. She was imitating your valley-girl way of speaking. Oh, and you might want to learn how to spell. Bye =)