Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bridget Marquardt is Married

Okay, I'm a huge Girls Next Door Fan. I owen both seasons on dvd and applaud the cute outfits i always see on the show. Playboys become acceptable and somewhat cute thanks to these girls! So i was shocked to find out that Bridget Marguardt is married!!

Heres a sample from the interview with Star Magazine.

"Well, I am in the process of getting divorced. But we are good friends and we've been good friends and he was totally supportive of me coming to L.A. There was just never any reason to make it final. We were good friends. Maybe we'll get back together. I'm happy doing this — I have a relationship with Hef now. We still talk on the phone. Hef's known from the start."

What the hell!! So did she leave her husband to be with Hef and see how much she can get out of that and has all along planned to go back to him? I'm shocked!! I didn't think Hef would put up with that but I guess he realises how screwed these girls are when he gets bored with them.

It looks like Hollys really open with the fact she doesn't want Bridgette and Kendra around though. She doesn't want to be pregnant with them around she said and mabey Bridgette handels all of this so well becuase she really has a husband at home who she loves? Although i find it werid she can talk about Hef and Holly together the way she does.

Another thing im kinda shocked about is the fact Hef has two 15 and 16 year olds with Kimberly Conrad. I wonder what there like, I'd totally love to meet them!

Source: http://www.starmagazine.com/celebrity_news_gossip/entertainment/12903?cid=RSS


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his name is Chad. He owns the store Ooga Booga in Lodi, CA

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Please use spell check in your entries. A good start is to spell Bridget's name right. Thanks. :]

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why would Hef care? He's not divorced either- just legally separated.

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