Sunday, September 16, 2007

See Ya Perfect.

Oh god.
Its amazing what can happen in like a week isnt it?
Alright so.
I was going through my normal life, pretending to be a normal prep WHEN. I open my cellphone to a HORRID facebook message from
Ill even humor you with the message.

You know, if your friends weren't there to yell at me, then I would've talked to you, to be truly honest. But since they were there, I wasn't just going to stand there and be made fun of. If you honestly want to talk to me in person again, then let it be just you and I. I'll answer whatever questions you want. I'll tell you whatever you'd like to know. I've learned a few things recently, and I'm not going to let some things stand in the way of me and you... (You don't have to trust me anymore, since I know you wouldn't. But I understand if you don't. I've made some promises to myself.) <3

Oh my god i almost threw up. I went along with it though so i could hear him say he wouldnt even come to my house to talk to me (i had to always travel a hour to go see him. asshole.) so that he couldnt make himself look like mr. perfect. And the more messages i sent the more ill give YOU another chance back. This loser has to be kidding. I eventually pissed him off enough to make him explode becuase for the first time, he didnt get me when he wanted me! (loser). Then he went on to email my boyfriend to say i didnt like him and actsually liked asshole. URGH. but what REALLY pissed me off was i found out he tolfd like 2 other girls that he has total control over that he loved them that day too!! WHAT THE HELL. i swear he just wants control over ever living girl. You know i think it might be kinda awsome I'm the girl hell always hate the most in the world becuase im the strong one. HELL YEAHH BITCHES.

As for hows paradise? I'v been like sick for the last couple of days and its not attractive. I think things are to perfect with M (boyfriend) for them to last, i can tell hes going to crack soon. I start cheerleading tomorrow, i have to practise like 4 hours a week which is fking insane to me. URGH. its such a huge commitment that i dont even know if i want to do it! God the things i do for a cute skirt and top, its horriably pathetic.

Anyways today was pretty funny, i was in ikea with my grandparetns attempting to buy a bed and i got a guy to help me get the thing on the like cart and then he just walks away. LIKE SHIT. I was stunned! A sales person has never walked away from me like that before. I'V NEVER STEERED A GROCERY CART, NEVERMIND A LIKE HUGE THING WITH A BED ON IT. God that was a horrible experience. Honestly, I dressed like tired chic today, Brown cargo pants, Red button up top and my now gay ex boyfriends hoodie i somehow have. (What is it about wearing boyfriends sweaters thats so much more fun then your owen?)

Oh and apperently my boyfriends parents dont like me. Lovely. Just what i need isnt it? I already feel like crawling back in my horrible old town hole and being abused by asshole for hte rest of my life.
I should be recoding soon, my producer told me he finished a new song for me but im still dying to hear the other one i recorded urgh. And as for my manager, I'm VERY jelous of him. Hes been out parting with every celebirty possiable at the film festival this week. Hes quite the people person i just wish i was him urgh.

God if this week sucks I'm going to loose it.
And Screw this im going back to weaing my hot, fashionable outfits.
And i really want to take trapeze lessons.

Oh and msn convo of the day

mr. *** says:
can i brag to ppl that i went out with a model/pop artist?
my reaction? THEN WHYD YOU DUMP ME?
And yet the convo truned into this

mr. *** says:
well if it helps, when i was going out w/u i was reeeeeeeallllyyyyyyyy happy like everyday
what are you taking about we never went out?! XD

i guess you learn something new everyday dont you!

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