Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unique Accessory Finds

We all know one thing about fashion (well, I pray to God, or whom ever, that we all know) that the accessories you choose to wear can easily define and transform even the simplest of outfits into something completely different. You don't always need to go searching through the clothing racks in your favorite stores for a great new outfit; sometimes, a couple great accessories are all you really need. We've decided to find some ideas for you for the next time your stuck in a fashion rut and really want to stand out with little money to spare. We have a little something that can appeal to anyone's diverse taste in this post just in time for back to school!

Tarina Tarantino

I've always loved the jewelery from this line. It's definitely more girly but also eccentric, and can be a bit expensive, but these pieces are well worth the cost. You can bet anything that no one else on the street will be wearing these items.


This is one of many in Tarina Tarantino's collection of jewelery inspired by the novel Alice in Wonderland. It will give any outfit you wear an instant pop, like most of Tarina's collection. This is just a taste of their work and I definitely recommend taking a look.


Shop for more Tarina Tarantino accessories at:

Forever 21

I really love this store because it's so easy to find so many cute accessories in one place- all for extremely cheap. But the pieces dont look cheap, so it's like you spent a lot more money on them then you actually had to. You can easily find a cheap but stylish new bag, and then turn around and pick up a bunch of new necklaces and earrings to spice up your wardrobe. Here are only a few picks from their site online. Make sure you check this store out, they have an amazing variety. They also have stores in multiple countries, including the USA, Canada, Jordan, Kingdom of Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates. You can see which store is closest to you here:

Heart Necklace ($4.80)

Filigree Metal Earrings ($4.80)

Beaded Bracelet Set ($5.80)


This store reminds me a lot of Forever 21, as it has a wide selection with low prices. The selection shown on the website isn't as great as Forever 21's, but I still managed to find a couple great examples of why you should check this place out when you're in need of some new accessories.

Plaid Charm Bracelet ($10.50)

Piano Key Bag ($16.50)

Key Necklace ($14.50)

HOT Couture

I just recently stumbled across this online, and felt that it had a good enough collection to share it with you guys. This stuff is hardly at all couture, but it's great because in the entire store, there is nothing over $15, but you also have to order online. It's worth checking out though (take a look at the clothing while you're at it!).

Wide belt with cut outs and studs ($15)

Faux croc watch with rhinestones ($15)

Fashion Bug

You might have visited this place before only for the clothes, but you might want to take another look. They have a lot of jewelery and accessories on sale now, and if you order online you get free shipping for total purchases of $75 or more. They also have a lot of stores, though only in the US.

Sterling & diamond-accented heart bracelet ($80.00 sale $15.99)

Scattered stones bangle watch ($42.00 sale $16.80)

Check back in a week or two for new accessory finds and ideas!

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