Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Save yourself.

Alright, I'm horriably sorry i haven't been updating at all latley. I know your all in dire need of guidance for the back to school hell but I'v decided to switch schools 5 days before it starts (just because I'm that smart and willing to get up a hour earlier to make it to school....urgh) but even though im ripping my extensions out from stress something has come to my attension that is shocking, appauling and just plain horrid.

I'm begging all you fashionistas out there to please contribute in the now national effort to ban the fashion faux pas child that has been created and is now spreading.

The creation of the horrid cultly out of style shoes worn by teenagers and wanna be moms everywhere, uggs and crocs. Both of these are hidious mistakes to make alone but the fact someones combined the two makes me wonder if theres any hope left in this world for an amazing outfit?

I think im going to start a clut where we go around burning crocs and uggs. I attached a picture of the horrid lovechild below for you to be in shock. (sorry about my spelling tonight)

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Ew, those are just NASTy.