Friday, August 31, 2007

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Okay kiddies, its time to steal your daddy's credit cards and run to Holt Renfrew!!


So while i was browsing around sherway looking for my normal L.A.M.B rack for my back to school trip (which they STOPPED selling and im PRETTY PISSED, i mean now i have to go all the way to bloor street to get my angrey boy problems fixed by my lovely clothing line) i picked up a shirt i thought was lamb at first but it turned out it was by this amazing line Bailey 44.

Lets face it, if your in holt renfrew your shopping for brands. So i was shocked i tired this on when i realised it wasnt lamb. Anyways, i loved the black and white long sleeve jersey shirt with a like big loose seperate turtle neck part i bought it!! Another great thing is it was somewhat in my price range!! ( okay well technically nothings in my price range atm but WHATEVER.) Its so cute but i couldnt find it online ill have to take a pic for you guys when im not busy!

Bailey 44 seems to be like famous for jersey tops from what i can tell. Oddly i cant find a offical website for them and it seems like alot of american retailers carry there stuff but just like a few peices. I'm REALLY regreating not looking at the other peices from the line but i was more OMGAWD i love DnG before i tired it on to care at the time. Anyways, i found a shirt i really liked online and im attachign a pic and link below.

Thank you god for some new clothing i like. By the way guess has a really really good back to school collection. Last year they SUCKED but this year im really impressed. So good job guess for not being stupid. ( i love my chanel style ankel boots!!) I wonder how rediculas my back to school outfits going to be!?;jsessionid=05D25DFD4ED0490D526FDCF21CF1989B.jvm2?product=BAIL-WS103#

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love that outfit majorly!!