Saturday, August 11, 2007

Makeup thats not worth the splurge.

Okay so now that you’re all buying a new fall wardrobe, you're probably ending up as poor as us. Really though what’s the point of having a killer new wardrobe without some new makeup to show off your wicked ensemble? Here at Young, Chic and Social we’ve compiled a list of cheaper makeup products that work as well at the products you splurge on.

First off, this would be one product we really realized we wasted our money on.

The Nars glitter pencil eyeliner.

For some deranged reason the makeup artist at my Nars counter in Holt Renfrew convinced me to buy this over priced pencil in
Danceteria and I honestly am not too impressed with the product. Although the pencil looks totally cute and stylish in my makeup collection its probably my most unused Nars product. The pencil goes on rather lumpy and clear and just leaves a glitter finish, not worth of the $24 iI shelled out for it. One thing I must note though is if you like this pencil the Le Sept is a very, very pretty shade.

After feeling like a traitor to my favorite company, Nars, I realized the product really isn't all that fab and the Rimmel stars glitter eye pencil from a bored lunch purchase from oh so long ago does the same job for $3.49.

This Second wallet drainer is one that makes me very angry. Although I’m very impressed by the Makeup For Ever line, this one completely shocked me. How the HELL do they think they can charge $25 for a set of gems that would cost you maybe $3 in a art store?! This is ridicules and this is coming from someone who would buy a pair of $600 shoes.

If you buy this I hope children in Africa show up at your door and raid your fridge.

Lastly we found that overpriced nail polish offered by companies such as Chanel and Lancome can easily compare to the quality of Maybelline's Salon Expert which lasts pretty long, makes our nails grow and has a REALLY amazing brush sold for around 5$. It cant get much better then that. That is until dollar stores start selling Mac.

If you have any suggestions for our next "Is it really worth it," make sure to leave a comment with your email (if you like) on this!

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