Friday, August 10, 2007

Intro to our blog and us

An Introduction to the worlds youngest, chicest and self taught socialites.

Welcome to Young, Chic and Social, our name pretty much explains it all. We’re two best friends who live in suburbs near two major cities, Toronto and Chicago where we spend all of our time. Between our crazy life styles and lacking the ability to fit in with the generation of un-classy fashion faux pas drones that surround us we decided to share our talent, whit and insane lifestyles with all the other girls like ourselves out there who are in as dire need as we are to find hope and inspiration in being a young, chic and social girl. It’s a hard lifestyle to pull off but it’s a great feeling to know your not the only one out there who has never had a job but the desire to buy a pair of Christain Loboution shoes is killing them.

About Us,

K’s a designer addict with a makeup collection to match. Her impeccable makeup skills come from spending a childhood at the Nars counter, which happens to be her favorite makeup line. By the age of 12 she could be seen scowling at her friends as they used there horribly cakey cover girl foundations and since then has spent thousands on the search for the perfect foundation. Her style changes monthly but her passion for expensive clothing always stays the same. Her favorite design house is Dolce and Gabbana (Not that she can afford it at ALL but there is sale racks for a reason and she’s managed to score a few amazing pieces.) Although K isn’t old enough to get into bars and has no older siblings she always manages to get invites to hot, fashionable events that a lot of times she has to struggle not to try and sneak into. This girl may live in a suburb but Toronto is her true home and will always have her heart. Her life is absolutely insane and one of her big troubles is finding people her age that can relate to her sophistication and style which she’s yet to do. For now she’s decided to blog to keep her sanity and find the other girls in the world who go to Sephora for therapy sessions and watch Sex and the City for outfit ideas.

In contrast to K, S grew up as a hardcore tomboy. She would never be caught dead in a skirt up until about age 13, choosing instead to spend time playing sports in the mud with her guy friends. This all changed dramatically when she opened up her eyes to the world of glossy-print fashion magazines and makeup behind the shining, silver counters at department stores that she soon grew impossibly in love with. To her, fashion and makeup and shopping were the one thing she could count on; sure, with the ever changing trends and fads, you can easily become overwhelmed. But this never seemed the case, and she began pining for the latest products that her mom would never in a life time be able to afford for her, having as large and hectic of a family as they do. It has never stopped her, and this is where she decided it might be smart to start getting better acquainted with her sewing machine. S’s style definitely has more of a punk touch, but you’ll never see her wearing the same sort of thing two days in a row. She changes her style at will and is beyond caring about whether or not her friends, with their typical teenager attire of Abercrombie & Fitch or Hot Topic clothing, think about her or her unique and changing style. Despite everything in the past, S dreams big and plans to move to NYC after she graduates highschool.

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