Friday, August 10, 2007

God forbid we start admiting things are fake.

I love how everyone is in shock that Penelope Cruz is wearing fake eyelashes in the L’Oreal mascara add. Some lady complained to the Advertising Standards Authority who found the TV commercial misleading and said the magazine advert failed to be accurate. Then During the investigation L’Oreal admitted that the star had been wearing individual false lashes.

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Okay now Wtf. That’s like saying no other makeup adds wear fake eyelashes and even worse the ones that aren’t wearing them are only not wearing them because the company was to cheap to hire a decent makeup artist to apply them and just decide to Photoshop them to death!

Another thing is, do you really think drugstore brands use there own make up on there adds? Obviously not. Like when I was at L’Oreal fashion week at the L’Oreal makeover booth. All the adds claim that was what they used on the runways but all the makeup artists even secretly admitted to me everything backstage is Mac. (Although from what iv tried there H-I-P line is pretty good)

I think before the world starts going after L’Oreal they should go after the completely photo shopped adds by companies like Maybelline because at least even though there fake there still technically something you can actually DO and lets face it no one would have given a shit if there wasn’t a celebrity on the add.

Tsk Tsk, some people are just so jealous that they cant pull of being fake.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so true! I wear false eyelashes on most occasions