Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cargo Bronzing Kit

So now that I’ve officially converted to a Sephora crack addict, most of my spare time is spent browsing through the websites endless pages of goodies. Although I wasn’t a big fan of Sephora until recently because I love the personal attention you receive from makeup counters at big department stores (and lets face it getting invited to vip events isn’t that bad either?). One of the reasons iv converted to a Sephora addict though is because of there exclusive makeup kits, often times buying the product you want in a kit gets you a bunch of new toys to play with for just a little bit more money.

I’m a major fan of the whole bronze look but haven’t really been able to achieve it between my fair skin and lack of decent bronzers. When narrowing my selection of choices down I decided to pick the Cargo one because the medium seemed like the shade I really wanted to use to get the whole tanned goddess look I ever so badly want to achieve. Then I remembered in my hours of surfing the night before they offered a kit for a bit more. One of my goals this month is to get some good makeup brushes for back to school and a good bronzing brush would be extremely helpful.

After grabbing the last kit, I went home and started playing with my new kit of goodies. The lip gloss is a really pretty shade that has a really pretty glitter to it. which is sadly only offered in this kit. I love lip gloss but for some reason i’m just not a fan of spending a lot on it and with the really small amount given to you in the purse gloss it only makes me wonder why it cost so much. (Not to mention the fact its pretty hard to get the gloss out and when you do A LOT of it comes out so be careful!). The eye bronzer is a really pretty shade of metallic orange/brown. I’ve totally been trying to find a pretty metallic shade and this kit gave me exactly what I wanted. The bronzer is in the medium shade and I’m a big fan! The only problem I had with the kit is i’m a little disappointed in the brush because it seems no matter how much I try not to apply, with the use of this brush the bronzer just goes everywhere it shouldn’t and to heavily on my skin. This is probably just because my skins so fair but with other brushes the bronzer looks a lot better. Don’t get me wrong though it’s a nice brush for applying bronzer anywhere else on your skin.

So overall i’m pretty impressed wit this kit, For 15$ more then just buying the bronzer I managed to get three more products that really help me achieve what I wanted, not just a bronzer but a overall bronzed look. Not bad for a 81$ value.

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