Friday, August 31, 2007

Britney's leaked track..doesnt suck majorly?

Okay so i deffinatly have a problem where ill listen to the same song for hours if its up on the screen becuase im to lazy to find anything else or i listen to my playlist to a point where im so sick of all the songs i like, die. So I checked out britneys new song out of curiousty and after listening to it for 4 times, im kinda hooked. At first i was like this is kinda stupid but, its kinda catchy too. Its not really toxic but its like the closest to a timberland song crazy brit could get. I think whats stopping this song from being good is simply the fact we know britneys completly lost her freaking mind. I heard that her label has almost NO plans to promote the cd too, so who knows how this is going to do? I Mean the song has potential but britneys fked up so bad can the world really forgive her at this point? I gotta admit, im really curious to see how this is going to turn out.
I hate to say i dont want to see the demise of britney becuase its just gotten so sad and we all really feel bad for her. Lets face it we come close to looseing out minds all the time but with brit shes got alot more pressure then all of us.
Goodluck girl but shit, if you ruin another designer dress you do NOT deserive it, crazy or not.

SO GO LISTEN. And tell me what you think.

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